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Pet Massage: The massage gun is the answer for your four-legged friends

Massaggio con la terapia percussiva per animali

The relationship with animals is a relationship based on contact. For this reason, massage is a fundamental part to establish a special feeling with your four-legged friend, in addition to giving well-being it can be an excellent solution to prevent health problems. From today the solution is the massage gun .

Dog massage

The dog massage it is first of all a form of non-verbal communication between the dog and the owner, and serves to establish contact between the two, promoting mutual knowledge.
After making ourselves comfortable we begin to massage using the palm of the hand when we have to follow the direction of the hair.

Surely for the arthritis dog massage it is a healthy touch since it is one of the most common problems and prevention is essential.

It is preferable to start from the base of the skull which, like in humans, is one of the favorite areas for massages, and then continue following the trend of the spine, without ever stopping, up to the tail, provided that the dog is not jealous of this. 'last.

We then move on to the ribs, which must be massaged with care, with a pressure gradually more and more decisive, then you have to get to the belly which is, like the tail, an area of the body that dogs can be jealous of so in this case it is good to adapt to the situation, avoiding touching it if it is not pleasing to our trust.

We absolutely must not move randomly , but always follow the connected zones, one after the other. After the withers it is good to continue down towards the legs and then go up again.

During the practice of the massage, it is important to observe the reactions of our dog to understand which are the areas in which he likes most to be massaged and which are those where he does not like contact. These are the things necessary for a good massage. Dog or cat.

Cat massage

Massaging the cat is an experience relaxing and anti-stress not only for the lucky cat, but also for its owner. The cat massage it is definitely a positive experience for both owner and cat.

The sensation of caressing his soft fur, listening to his purr and watching him enjoy our attention is a real pleasure for our senses. So it's worth learning a few tricks to reduce your stress.

To massage the cat you have to choose the right moment, in which both of you are relaxed. Is preferable avoid times before and after meals . Especially if you want to practice a cat abdominal massage .

The principles for massaging a cat are similar to those of humans: the movement of the hand should be slow and fluid, like a well-aimed caress.

We massage with the whole hand, not using only the fingers and starting with the parts of the body where the cat prefers to be stroked. The cat massage is a sensory experience: you can talk to your pet with a low tone of voice and relaxing, which will help him relax his muscles.

If you notice that the cat feels discomfort for some particular movement, try to change it or change areas of the body and observe its reactions.

Massage gun

After having seen all the precautions to be able to massage our four-legged friends, let's now move on to understand the beneficial effects of massage gun on them.

There percussive therapy in fact, it can give animals the same benefits it gives people. Indeed, the compatibility of the massage gun with animals is absolutely an innovative discovery.

Thanks to percussive therapy, animals benefit from the protection and improvement of tissue functionality. Additionally, there is a reduction in muscle tension and prevention of cramps, which is especially important for preventing arthritis in dogs. The large flow of blood to the application area with a consequent increase in the supply of oxygen and nutrients and the removal of waste substances, generate a great well-being in the animal. Finally, the perception of relaxation of the percussive massage will give your pet a good mood.

TopMet thinks about your health and that of your four-legged friend. There is no limit to well-being and TopMet makes it close at hand.

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