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Percussive therapy: the answer to chronic and daily pain

Terapia percussiva: la risposta ai dolori cronici e quotidiani

Often we find ourselves fighting the chronic pains and daily life caused by bad habits. It is not easy to find the right solution, we often rely on professionals. From today you have a self-help alternative to solve your chronic ailments, the massage gun .

Chronic pains

The chronic pain it is a continuous and recurring experience of pain that makes normal daily activities impossible. Unlike acute pain, which is just a symptom of something else, chronic pain can itself become the disease: particularly when it is associated with dysfunction, even without obvious injury, of the peripheral nerves and / or the central nervous system.

Chronic muscle pain

The situation is quite different with regard to the chronic muscle pain . Diagnosis of chronic muscle pain is simple when it is the result of long-lasting bad habits that you assume during everyday activities, such as incorrect postures while sitting at your desk or typing on the computer that can cause back pain. o stiff neck o muscle pain in the legs . Often inadequate tools are used, such as a chair that is too high or too low, or a monitor that forces you to keep your neck and back contracted during work, further increasing the pain.

How to cure chronic pain

As for the solution of chronic pain, especially muscle pain, we tend to turn to professionals such as physiotherapists and masseurs. Often the expense is expensive and the recovery time is long.

There percussive therapy it is definitely the revolution in this field. In fact, the action of the massage gun is an excellent response to chronic pains and newspapers. Thanks to the rapid and repetitive application of a pressure perpendicular to the body, with the correct balance between amplitude, frequency and strength. The pressures promote blood circulation in the treated areas, managing to improve mobility and speed of recovery, and relieving chronic and daily pain. There massage gun it is aimed at people suffering from muscle stiffness, especially in the back, neck and legs; joint swelling and stagnation of fluids and to relieve post-workout pain.

TopMet is ready to offer you a device to solve the onset of chronic pain once and for all. Your well-being is our priority

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