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Massage gun: the various types of massage heads

Testine Massaggianti e come usarle

The massage gun is an excellent self-made tool to manage muscle recovery at home. But how many types of guns are there and what functions do they perform?

The massage gun is equipped with several interchangeable heads, so you can choose the therapy that best suits your needs. The different use of massage heads it serves to control the pressure points and act correctly on the muscle. This is the great quality of the massage gun, the versatility. Let's see in detail:

Massage Heads:

Testine massaggianti Testine massaggianti

The round head :
useful for all parts of the body. It is used to massage large muscle groups. The message is delicate and its purpose is to relax and stretch the muscles.
The bullet head :
for the treatment of difficult muscle knots and trigger points. Particularly effective for DOMS.
The fork head :
it is used to relieve delicate points in the spine. Useful to counteract posture problems.
The flat head :
for all parts of the body and for large muscle groups. It goes down deeply and makes the massage even.
The bar head and round tip :
For the treatment of legs, buttocks, calves, back. Forms suitable for making the massage more effective for these muscle groups.

The innovation of TopMet it's right here. It is not you who have to adapt, but it is the massage gun that adapts to your needs. Thanks to the diversification of treatments with various massage heads, you will be able to find the right massage to perform the massage correctly percussive therapy . Nothing is left to chance with TopMet.

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