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Lactic acid, the answer is percussive therapy

Terapia percussiva per contrastare l'acido lattico

When our muscles get tired after intense physical activity , we experience that slight sensation of pain and lack of energy that we all recognize as lactic acid . Let's see what it is.

Lactic acid: what it is

First let's try to understand what it is and how it works lactic acid .

Lactic acid is a toxic compound produced by the anaerobic activity of the muscles. Under normal conditions, glucose in the presence of oxygen is transformed into energy, water and carbon dioxide. When the demand for energy increases, as in working muscles, the oxygen provided by breathing is insufficient, some metabolic processes are reduced and less energy is produced.

Moreover, there is an accumulation of hydrogen (from the transformation of glucose) which must be eliminated. This is where lactic acid is formed: acid compound that has the purpose of eliminating hydrogen, allowing the muscles to continue their work and providing additional energy. A classic example is the lactic acid legs , as they are the largest muscles and require more energy. Here, the metabolic process becomes more expensive and slower. But fear not there is an ideal solution.

Lactic acid: remedies

As we have seen, the muscle lactic acid process is complex and must be treated in the most correct way. So what to do for dispose of lactic acid ?

There are many lactic acid remedies that we can find, but among them the innovative and versatile one stands out percussive therapy . Percussion therapy consists of the emission of short pulses that act deep in the tissues of the body, helping the muscle to restore the optimal level. Muscle recovery is therefore speeded up and accompanied adequately. Interesting, for those who habitually practice sports, is the ability to regenerate tissues and the great help for their growth. Here comes the massage gun as a remedy for lactic acid. In fact, muscle recovery is an essential part of training, since lactic acid must be treated in the recovery phase.

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